Ethical management

Principles of Ethical Management

Glotec Engineering has a structured ethical managing system focusing on principles such as "customer value", "respect one another", "social responsibility", "compliance with law" and "social & environment contribution".

We persues social value and future value as well as customer value to build trust,fair and mutual growth.

1. Top priority on our responsibility to the customers.

Provide the best outcome based on high quality product to ensure customer satisfaction.

2. Fulfill our duties through performing fairly with pride as a member of Glotec.

Maintain dignity and pride to be representing our company.
Preserve asset of company through performing work fairly and transparently.
Effort to make a pleasant and good workplace as well as relationship of mutual respect.

3. Performs social duties and roles faithfully.

Participate to develop social and national infrastructure with regard to law and policy.
Make an effort to participating in volunteering service and environmental protection, and follow the social regulation as well.

4. Observe the law regarding "Anti-Corruption".

Comply with the law and regulation regarding the law "anti-corruption".
Prohibit any illegal and unfair activities which are described on the law and regulation.