Glotec Engineering’s Business Areas

We are expanding our scope from Oil & Gas Plant, Power plant, industrial plant,
semiconductors to batteries and renewable energy.

  • Oil and Gas Plant

    We organize a team of the best experts in oil, gas, and petrochemical projects to perform comprehensive design and procurement services for all types of engineering disciplines, including process, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation, civil & structural, architecture, HVAC, and firefighting. 

  • Power Plant

    Based on our high technology, we have carried out medium and large-sized combined cycle power generation, gas and steam turbine power generation, and transmission and substation facilities at home and abroad. We are doing our best to continuously strengthen our capabilities by participating in basic design, licensing, and detailed engineering services in Korea and overseas power generation and energy sectors.

  • Industrial Plant

    Based on research fields and technical cooperation in various fields, we are actively participating in Korea and overseas new construction and expansion projects. Comprehensive design capabilities accumulated through domestic and overseas projects, such as LiBS Project, COS Project, and SKMP RD Project design and purchase support, are contributing greatly to realizing customer satisfaction.

  • Semiconductor

    Through projects such as semiconductors, lithium-ion batteries, and water treatment facilities based on advanced technology, we are acquiring the latest technologies and accumulating experience, and through this, we are doing our best to develop new growth markets.

  • Renewable Energy

    In order to successfully respond to the energy paradigm shift following stricter carbon neutral regulations, we have signed an agreement with a joint training center hosted by the National Human Resources Development Consortium to foster low-carbon plant professionals.

We will become a leader in the future plant industry with continuous innovation and advanced technology.

Glotec Engineering’s Special Technology

We are actively responding to customer needs by providing excellent engineering solutions through core technology such as Basic Engineering/FEED, Modular Design, Reverse Engineering, BIM(Building Information Modeling) / IFM(Integrated Factory Modeling).