ESG Management Policy

Glotec Engineering reorganized its organization in 2022 and established the HR/ESG team to pursue social values and practice ethical management through sustainable ESG management for the environment, social contribution, and governance. We will create opportunities to participate in the low-carbon power generation market, such as hydrogen plants and smart grids (ESS, solar power, fuel cells), which are key areas of new and renewable energy , by establishing a professional framework to implement a supply chain management system. We aim to develop into an excellent company that values customer value and eco-friendly technology leading eco-friendly innovative plant design.

  • Through ESG management, we have a leap forward to become the best general design company in Korea and eco-friendly technology.

  • We are realizing the No. 1 ESG comprehensive design company through the establishment of a department specializing in HR/ESG and the participation of all employees in ESG management.

ESG Management Goals

Glotec Engineering recognizes environmental issues as a factor that has an important impact on sustainable management, complies with laws, and strives to realize global environmental sustainability through active communication with stakeholders, systematic risk management, and application of new eco-friendly technologies. In addition, we establish improvement plans for environmental impacts that require management through environmental impact assessments, continuously improve the level of environmental safety and health management and do our best to implement them.
  • A company that cares about the environment

    Establishment of environmental management system (improvement of eco-friendly management awareness)

    Eco-friendly design and technology(3D, hydrogen, fuel cell)

    Energy efficiency (saving electricity, wise consumption)

    Utilization of renewable resources (paperless lifestyle)

  • A company that respects people

    Creating a working environment for employees (compliance with 52-hour work hours)

    Provide a safe workplace (strengthen safety and health awareness)

    Encouraging social contribution activities (volunteer activities, donation culture)

    Expansion of employee welfare benefits

    Customer value creation

  • A trusted company

    Building ESG Management

    Practice Ethical Management

    Governance Transparent Management

    Information Security

ESG Management Activities

Glotec Engineering promises that all executives and employees will actively participate in the following strategic tasks and execution tasks at the company-wide level to achieve the realization of a first-class ESG comprehensive design company through the participation of all employees in ESG management by 2025.

ESG Management
3 Strategic Directions
Strategy Assignment Action Task
A company that cares
about the environment
Establishment of environmental
management system
Improving eco-friendly
management awareness
Integrate and strengthen monitoring of
environmental management performance at business sites
Eco-friendly design and technology Conversion to new renewable energy
(semiconductor, hydrogen, fuel cell) business
Carbon reduction model-linked
digital engineering design technology
Expansion of eco-friendly technology
certification business certification
Energy Efficiency and Utilization of
Renewable Resources
Electricity saving
(Establishment and implementation of reduction plan)
Wise consumption
Paperless lifestyle (100%->90%)
A company that respects people Creating a working
environment for employees
Compliance with
52-hour working hours
Human resource development of
executives and staff members
Expansion of employee
welfare benefits
Provide a safe workplace Establishment of safety
and health management system
Reinforcing Safety
and Health Awareness
Encouraging social
contribution activities
Encourage employees to participate in social
contribution activities and strengthen management
Customer value creation High Quality improvement
Minimize design error rate
A trusted company Establishment of ESG management
and practice of ethical management,
transparent management of governance structure
Expanding ESG awareness and encouraging employees
to participate in socially responsible management
Conduct anti-corruption risk assessment
Information Security CSR Strengthen risk management
Active participation and activities
in CSR education for suppliers/employees