Glotec Engineering will lead the field of plant engineering
based on excellent technology and specialized experience.


Glotec Engineering has formed a team of the best experts in oil, gas, and petrochemical projects and performs comprehensive design and procurement services for all types of engineering disciplines including process, mechanical, piping, electricity, instrumentation, civil & structure, architecture, HVAC and firefighting. We provide engineering services at all stages, such as basic design, FEED(Front-end Engineering Design) and detailed design, and have successfully completed more than 400 domestic and overseas projects. Glotec Engineering implements perfect engineering services with various up-to-dated design software and DT-based design platforms by applying a best design management system, quality management procedure and international standards. And we provide the best value to our customers through HAZOP(Hazard & Operability Analysis) & SIL(Safety Integrity Level) Study and VE (Value Engineering).


Based on our high technological capabilities in the power generation and energy fields, we have carried out medium and large-sized combined cycle power plants, gas and steam turbine power generation, and transmission and substation facilities at home and abroad. In addition, we are doing our best to continuously strengthen our capabilities through experience in basic design, government approval, and detailed design engineering in various power generation and energy sectors.


Glotec Engineering demonstrates its high engineering capabilities by applying differentiated design technologies such as facility process improvement and modernization in major industrial plant areas such as lithium-ion batteries, precision materials and electronic parts production facilities. Based on research fields and technical cooperation in various fields, we are actively participating in new construction and expansion projects at home and abroad. Comprehensive engineering capabilities accumulated through domestic and overseas projects, such as LiBS Project, COS Project, and SKMP RD Project, are contributing greatly to realizing customer satisfaction.


As artificial intelligence and digital markets accelerate around the world, the semiconductor market is growing rapidly, and semiconductor facilities, which are expected to grow steadily, are positioned as one of our future core plants. Due to the nature of the production process, semiconductor factories often use sophisticated systems and continuous processes, and require experienced experts to optimize the production process and design the process flow as efficiently as possible. Glotec Engineering has successfully carried out SK Hynix M14, M15, M16 in Korea and Wuxi projects in China based on its excellent technology, and is doing its best to increase efficiency not only in the design stage but also in the operation stage through BIM technology.


To keep pace with the times and successfully respond to the energy paradigm shift following the strengthening of carbon-neutral regulations, we signed an agreement with a joint training center hosted by the National Human Resources Development Consortium to foster low-carbon plant experts. In addition, we have learned new technology design techniques based on our experience in new and renewable energy plant projects in Korea, and since 2020, we have been participating in new and renewable energy plant projects at home and abroad and are carrying out them in earnest.