Glotec Engineering's Ethical Management Principles

Glotec Engineering will set and practice the following standards in order to fulfill its role and responsibility as a company in compliance with laws, social norms and ethics.

Ethical Management System

윤리준법경영 체제

Ethical Management Activities

  • 고객을 최우선으로 한다

    We put the responsibility of our customers first.

    We think and work from the customer's point of view, and provide the best results based on the best quality.

  • 고객을 최우선으로 한다

    We fulfill our mission by performing our duties faithfully and fairly with pride as a member of Glotec.

    Employees maintain honor and dignity with the attitude of representing the company. We conduct business fairly and transparently and protect company property. Employees respect each other and create a healthy and safe working environment.

  • 고객을 최우선으로 한다

    We faithfully fulfill the roles and social responsibilities required by the company.

    We respect national policies and all legislation and contribute to national and social development. We also strive to establish a fair and sound social order and to volunteer and protect the environment.

  • 고객을 최우선으로 한다

    We comply with the Act on Prohibition of Improper Solicitation and Graft for Public Officials, etc.

    We are familiar with and fully comply with the "Act on the Prohibition of Unauthorized Solicitation and Acceptance of Money and Money." Do not engage in acts such as providing money and valuables or entertainment to interested parties.