Glotec Engineering is actively responding to customer needs by providing excellent engineering solutions through core technologies such as Basic Engineering/FEED, Modular Design, Reverse Engineering, BIM (Building Information Modeling) / IFM (Integrated Factory Modeling).

  • Basic Engineering / FEED

    Engineers with various experiences and technical skills in Refinery, Petrochemical, Fine Chemical, LNG Terminal, and H2-based applications perform basic design and FEED design using Steady State and Dynamic Simulation. We provide total engineering solutions to our customers including Feasibility Study (with TIC), Basic Engineering, FEED and Detail Engineering considering Safety & Optimization.

  • Modular Design

    The application of modular design shows great advantages in overcoming the extreme environment of the site, resource constraints and uncertain construction schedules. Glotec Engineering has the capability and experience to apply modularization design to plant design in all fields based on 3D modeling design and excellent steel structure design technology. In addition, through this, we are actively contributing to cost reduction and project risk prevention for customers by shortening project schedules, managing equipment and materials delivery, and improving on-site workability.

  • Reverse Engineering

    In the case of expansion or supplementation projects of old plant facilities without drawings and related data, accurate redesign using laser scanning and the latest 3D model technology saves time and cost and provides optimized design quality.

  • BIM(Building Information Modeling)
    IFM(Integrated Factory Modeling)

    Glotec Engineering ensures that the optimal layout for the designated site can be made through facility layout simulation based on IFM (Integrated Factory Modeling) from the plant construction planning stage. In addition, by using BIM, project efficiency and quality are improved through real-time information sharing among project stakeholders, and conflicts and errors are eliminated in advance to shorten the design period and minimize construction rework, which is also used for facility management and maintenance in the future.