We pursue a quality management system.

We are committed to maintaining a strong and effective quality management system (QMS) that ensures the highest quality standards throughout our operations. Our QMS serves as the foundation for consistently delivering products and services that meet or exceed. We will comply with customer expectations, comply with applicable regulations, and continuously improve.

Quality Management Policy

Our quality policy is to maximize customer satisfaction by providing economical, high-quality services to our customers through ceaseless work improvement efforts and preventive quality activities. To this end, we will resolve and implement the following.

  • 01.
    We meet the needs of our customers with perfect management and precise quality.
  • 02.
    Maximize work efficiency through continuous service improvement and preventive activities.
  • 03.
    Continuously improve business performance indicators through rational operation.

All executives and employees will comply with and practice the above resolutions and will do their best in their respective duties to establish, implement, maintain, and improve the quality management system.

Quality Management Goals

With the optimal quality management system, we will maximize customer satisfaction through continuous work improvement efforts and prior quality prevention activities.


Quality management system

Engineering Quality
  • QMM

    Quality Management Manual

  • DEP

    Design & Engineering Practices of each team

  • QMP

    Quality Management Procedure

  • DQM

    Design Quality Management

  • PEP

    Plant Engineering Procedure

  • PQP

    Project Quality Plan (PQP) can consist of the following by depeding on Customer’s request or requirements. PQMM PQMP or QCP