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Recruitment period and field

  • New Hires

    It is held twice a year, and the specific schedule is separately announced on our website.

  • Career Hires

    24/7 recruitment

  • Areas of recruitment

    Process DesignㆍMechanical DesignㆍPiping DesignㆍElectrical Design ㆍ Instrument Design ㆍ Civil Design ㆍ Architecture Design ㆍ HVAC/FF Design ㆍ Project Management

How to apply

  • How to apply

    Apply by E-mail

Recruitment procedure

  • Job openings

  • Document screening

  • Interviewing candidates

  • 1st Announcement

  • Health screenings

  • Announcement of Successful Candidates

Other instructions

Persons subject to employment protection are given preferential treatment in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

If you fill out the application form with false information, your admission may be revoked.

If you have any other questions, we would appreciate it if you could contact our website bulletin board and the recruiter's email

Recruitment FAQ

  • When is the recruitment period for experienced employees?

    Glotec Engineerings's recruitment of experienced employees is operated in the form of occasional recruitment. 

    However, please note the during the period during which the experienced employee recruitment process is in
    progress, application for occasional recruitment is not available.   

  • What is the difference between regular and occasional recruitment?

    The distinction between regular and occasional recruitment is as follow.


    ※Regular recruitment

    -Implementation according to the company's personnel management plan (once or twice a year).

    -Recruitment announcements are posted on the Glotec Engineering website and major job portal sites.

    -Selected through 1st and 2nd interviews with working-level staff and management at the head office.

    ※Occasional recruitment

    -When there is a need for recruitment of head office and field organizations (at any time).

    -Selected through interviews with working-level staff and management at the head office. 

    Currently, Glotec Engineering uses a regular recruitment method for new employees,

    In the case of experienced employees, we are proceeding with occasional recruitment.